Oral Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation in FishHawk helps you feel more comfortable during treatment

Do you want to feel as relaxed as possible at the dentist? Do you have a fear of the dentist? There are many sedation dentistry options to help you feel calm. One is oral sedation given to you by a sedation dentist.  

Dental Oral Sedation

Oral sedation involves a pill that you take called Triazolam and you either swallow it or put it under your tongue. It’s rather amazing how quickly, with the help of dental sedation, your anxiety level lessens. One reason oral sedation, also known as conscious sedation, is such a desirable treatment done by a sedation dentist is that even though you feel calm, you aren’t asleep. With conscious sedation, you are awake and aware the entire time. It sounds so simple, but dental sedation can really make a difference in your visit to your sedation dentist near Apollo Beach.

Benefits of Oral Sedation

  • Dental sedation in Tampa is a solution to dental pain and fearOral sedation, or conscious sedation administered by a sedation dentist in FishHawk is a needleless procedure – If needles give you the willies, simply taking a pill may make things much easier and less anxiety-filled for you. Taking oral sedation or dental sedation keeps those needles far away from you!
  • Oral sedation heightens your comfort – Having a dental sedation procedure in  FishHawk that doesn’t feel scary can be the difference between whether you avoid the dentist or enjoy your visit to your sedation dentist. Dental sedation/conscious sedation through a sedation dentist will give you a feeling of comfort and calm and eliminate some dental anxiety in FishHawk.
  • Oral sedation or conscious sedation can take the edge off – Pain can make you feel very edgy. Conscious sedation near Apollo Beach can take care of two issues – your fear of pain and your fear of losing consciousness. Our sedation dentists may help you feel more comfortable with conscious sedation, which is great. And being aware using conscious sedation and dental sedation during your procedure it can really take the edge off as well.
  • Oral sedation can help you feel calm and relaxed – Being calm during any dental procedure and having dental sedation will make the whole experience far more pleasurable. Oral sedation from a sedation dentist will really help you to feel calm and secure during treatment.

Note: When using oral sedation or dental sedation, you may need a ride to and from the sedation dentist office in FishHawk.

Get Oral Sedation in Apollo Beach

Our friendly staff at Kernagis Dental Excellence near Apollo Beach is happy to discuss all of our dental sedation options, including oral or conscious sedation.