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Extreme tooth pain and other dental emergencies can be devastating. However, our patients near Apollo Beach & Riverview, FL, can find comfort in knowing that if an emergency ever happens, our emergency dentists will be there for them with top quality service and compassionate dentistry services. During business hours, we can even provide same-day treatment.


Jaw Injury | Sports injuries, auto injuries, and fluke injuries are frequent emergency dentistry scenarios that may result in a jaw injury. If you injure or break your jaw, call us immediately. You can relieve some of the discomforts with a cold compress.

Severe Toothache | A toothache can be much more than a distraction. Some tooth pain can be so severe that you cannot function normally. If you are experiencing a severe toothache, call our emergency dentists Apollo Beach & Riverview, FL, to schedule an appointment. Your toothache could be a sign of a serious tooth infection or other issues. Call us for toothache relief.

Cracked or Broken Tooth | If your tooth becomes cracked or broken, you can relieve some pain with a cold compress. Call us at our office immediately for any tooth-related injury, and we will schedule an appointment to try and help restore your tooth.

Knocked Out Tooth | If your tooth is knocked out, the best thing you can do before you come to see our emergency dentist is to try and re-insert it back into the gum line. If the tooth cannot be re-inserted, place your tooth in a container with milk and call us immediately.

emergency dentist gibsonton


If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Apollo Beach, Gibsonton, or Riverview, FL, your emergency dentists at South Shore Dental Excellence are here for you with meaningful emergency dentistry care. No matter what your emergency is, our team is here to help provide restorative dentistry services and toothache relief. Call, text, or email us now!

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