Having a beautiful smile with teeth that are in good working order is essential in today’s world.

Are you missing teeth? Our Apollo Beach dentist can use dentures to restore your smile and give your teeth a second chance. A denture is a prosthetic dental appliance constructed to replace missing teeth. At our practice, we offer both high-quality custom dentures and implant-supported dentures. We are also serving Gibsonton and Riverview, FL.


Our denture appliance options include:

Removable partial dentures | Removable partial dentures replace missing teeth on a particular arch in your mouth. This type of denture is fitted specifically to your mouth and can be removed before you sleep, or any time you'd rather not wear your denture.

Fixed partial dentures | These are more stable than removable dentures and use your remaining teeth to create a more secure fit.

Complete dentures or full dentures | These are created for patients who have lost all of their teeth and require a complete set of replacement teeth using high-quality custom dentures or implant-supported dentures.

removable partial dentures
implant - supported dentures


At South Shore Dental Excellence in Apollo Beach, serving patients in the Riverview, FL & surrounding areas, we are proud to offer implant-supported dentures as one of our custom options. Implant-supported dentures use strategically placed dental implants to secure your dentures to your mouth and to provide extra jawbone support. When you lose your teeth, the jawbone underneath your gums can deteriorate. Implant-supported dentures help combat this deterioration and allow patients who have lost their teeth to experience less bone loss and enjoy a higher level of oral health. Our implant-supported dentures are permanent ones that will never click or slip out of place and don’t require messy dental adhesive.


If you’re interested in getting permanent dentures, give us a call today! Our friendly dentists in Apollo Beach, FL & surrounding areas will be happy to discuss denture and other cosmetic dentistry options with you. Also serving Gibsonton and Riverview, FL.

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