If you’re unsatisfied with wrinkles on your face or if you suffer from chronic migraine or TMJ pain, Kernagis Dental Excellence can help! At our South Shore office serving Apollo Beach and Riverview, FL, we offer Botox treatments, including Botox for migraines and Botox for TMJ.


Botox is the trade name for a small injection of botulinum toxin. This injection helps relax muscles and nerves to stop them from stressing and overworking—things that can cause skin wrinkles and numerous chronic pains.

Botox is a temporary treatment to reduce the appearance of aging, and in recent years it has also proven to be effective in reducing pain from migraines and TMJ disorders. This simple procedure can help you feel and look better for months at a time.


Though Botox is known for its cosmetic uses, the botulinum toxin found in Botox treatments has been shown to have many benefits, including medical ones. Botox procedures include the following:

Facial Aesthetics – Botox for facial aesthetics relaxes the nerves that tense up to cause stress lines or wrinkles in your face. A small injection relaxes the nerves in your face enough to reduce the wrinkles for months while you still retain sensation in your muscles.

Migraines – Botox for migraines works by reducing the muscle movement that causes tension and stress and leads to headaches. Though there are many different causes of migraine headaches, many people have found reduced migraine pain with Botox for migraines.

TMJ Disorder / Teeth Grinding – Botox for TMJ calms spasms in the nerves around your jaw that can lead to TMD, a painful disorder of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). TMJ disorder is commonly caused by excessive teeth grinding or bruxism, which overworks your jaw and can also damage your teeth. Botox for TMJ prevents uncontrolled muscle spasms that lead to teeth grinding and TMD, so you can protect your teeth and feel relief from TMJ pain with one treatment.

With all the many benefits of Botox, Botox for migraines, and Botox for TMJ, Botox could be a great option. Come into our South Shore office today for a consultation.


Botox is a great solution for many ailments. Come ask us about Botox if you:

Botox is not meant for children and may not be the best solution for everyone. For better information, visit our Kernagis Dental Excellence office at Apollo Beach to learn more.

Get Excellent Treatment for Wrinkles and Pain with Botox from South Shore Dental Excellence in Gibsonton!

Our team is skilled in administering Botox for facial aesthetics, Botox for migraines, and Botox for TMJ. Call, text, or email us today to learn more about what Botox can do for you!

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